Hi, I'm Roberta 👋

I'm a product design director on a mission to humanize the stack ✨

Currently, I serve as Senior Director of Experience Architecture & Product Design for Salesforce Heroku 💜🦄💜, creating collaborative tools and interfaces that are loved by developers around the world. Cooperation does not depend on collocation, and I am proud 🦚 to have built and lead a 💯% distributed team of incredibly talented designer-developers 😍 to craft seamless, desirable, and scalable developer experiences 💻.

My interests range from design 📐, art 🖌️, storytelling 📚, animation 🐎🐎🐎, and technology 🕹️. I've worked on motion sumulators 🚀, designed amusement park experiences 🎢, created newspaper infographics 🗞️, built web sites 🦕, made comics 💬, and so much more.

I believe perspective begets perspective 🔬🔭. I believe culture should never be static 🧪. I believe design plays a critical role in sustainability 🌱. I believe tension is important for creativity 🎨. I believe in doing 💪.

For the past 10+ years I've been devoted to humanizing the stack 🐢 and making the web a better place 👫. I love storytellers and makers, I'm drawn to wicked hard problems, and I'm curious and excited about emerging technologies & regions 🗺️.

If you're working to make the web a friendlier, safer, fairer, and more accessible space, I'd love to know you. Say hi via email or .


Fun Fact: There's a Marvel character based on me, her name is Scout.